Fear to Fortitude


Cancer Journey Coaching


Patients. Survivors. Caregivers.

Northeastern Oklahoma Cancer Institute | Claremore recognizes that cancer is one of life’s most terrifying events.  It changes everything.  Rather than a lonely battle, cancer can be an invitation to discover your personal power and the meaning of your life.  Cancer journey coaches embrace a “journey mindset” and using one-of-a-kind tools and techniques, coaches are partners that you can rely on to discover the inner strength and wisdom you never knew you had.  Whether you are a current cancer patient, survivor, or caregiver, cancer coaching offers a life-line that can transform your cancer experience.


The 20-minute session is a comfortable and friendly way for you to learn about what cancer coaching can do for you.  You’ll meet your coach and learn how they will be your partner and support you on your cancer journey.  This is your chance to explore what cancer coaching is all about and If the program is right for you!

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